Pay on Tach Time not Hobbs Time

About Us

Chartered as a nonprofit Kentucky corporation in 1954, the Lexington Flying Club, Inc. presently can provide you with access to five airplanes. They are three Cessna 172's, a Piper Archer II and a Diamond Star, DA-40.

The club is operated to provide its members with low cost flying, safety training and continuing pilot education. All aircraft are based at Lexington's Blue Grass Airport and are maintained by FAA certified maintenance personnel to assure prompt and qualified service. A Club "Maintenance Officer" is elected for each airplane to assure that any discrepancies reported by Club pilots are quickly corrected. Scheduling of Club airplanes is coordinated through a 24 hour computerized telephone and internet answering service so members are assured of getting immediate status / availability information about the aircraft anytime they wish to fly. You will find that, if you plan to fly two and a half to three hours or more a month, a Club membership is more economical than renting.

The Club has approximately 85 members (approximately 50 active flyers.) Flying experience is not required for membership; in fact, about one fifth of our members are student pilots, taking lessons, and working towards that private pilot certificate.

Ladies, please consider us as well; three of our pilots with wallets full of ratings carry those wallets in their purses!

Although the Club is not a flight school, per se, Club approved instructors are available and have helped many of the Club's pilots obtain private and instrument licenses/ratings. We will be glad to recommend an instructor to you if you don't already have someone in mind.


The club has regular monthly meetings at 6:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month in the new WestLEX facility off Gumbert Rd, Lexington, KY. One monthly meeting each quarter is used as a forum for a safety program. The club also has occasional social programs such as an annual banquet, fly-ins, picnics, and wash/wax parties.

Membership Levels

There are two available membership levels, Restricted and Full. Restricted members may fly the Cessnas after a $300.00 initiation fee. Restricted members pay monthly dues of $45.00. Full members may fly all airplanes after a $600.00 initiation fee. Full members pay monthly dues of $64.00.

There is also a membership that bridges the two main membership levels, providing a way to incrementally pay the difference in initiation fees as you continue to fly the Cessna 172's. Once the FULL membership initiation fee is paid off, you can then start flying the Archer and the Diamond Star.

Pilots in the lower (Restricted) level of membership fly the Cessna 172's at $8/hr more than the rate shown below. Other restrictions on the lower membership level include a restriction on how far out in time you may schedule (7 days) and a restriction to single day reservations. See the Bylaws for more information about the club membership levels.


All the club 4-place aircraft have coupled autopilots with heading bug. All six aircraft are IFR Certified, have two or four place intercoms, and, best of all, IFR enroute and approach approved moving map GPS units! We are in the process of upgrading our GPS units to ones with WAAS capabilities. All airplanes also have dual Nav-Comms. We have GPS simulators that you can load on your PC and practice with the various GPS units while in the comfort of your own home or office.

Rates (effective 6/1/22)

ModelPer Tach HourOut-of-Pocket cost (approximation assuming self-serve fuel) Notes
Cessna 172 $146.25 $104.00 Available to restricted members for +$8/hr
2005 Cessna 172R $153.50 $108.75 Available to restricted members for +$8/hr
2004 Diamond Star $169.75 $115.75 Available to full members only
1979 Archer II $170.50 $129.00 Available to full members only

Rates include all gas, oil, maintenance, insurance and related expenses. The hourly rate for an LFC airplane is the tach time rate times the number of tach hours flown.
Here is how we set the tach time rate: we make an assumption that avgas will cost $6.50/gal to refuel the airplane. After you fly you refuel the airplane, leaving the tanks full. If you pay $5.50/gal (current rate at WestLEX as of 8/2023) the club will reimburse you for the amount you paid for fuel PLUS a rebate based on how much lower the price is that you paid as compared to the $6.50 price we assumed.

Example: you buy 20 gallons of fuel at $5.50/gal. The club reimburses you the $110 (20 * 5.5) plus rebates back another $20 (20 * 1) because the fuel price was a dollar less than the club-assumed price of $6.50/gal. Couple that with the fact that an actual hour of flying time (hobbs-measured) will result in a typical tachometer reading of about 0.8 hours. That 20% savings over actual time, plus the savings due to the fuel rebates yields the estimated "out of pocket" rates shown on our website.

The Club carries $100K per person / $1,000,000 per accident liability insurance in the event of an injury or accident. This policy protects both you and the club!
If you fly one of the new Cessna's offered in the area, be aware that you are exposing yourself to a $150,000+ liability if you prang one of their airplanes. Typical FBO coverage covers only the FBO and provides no liability coverage to you, the renter. And, they definely will come after you for their $2,500 - $5,000 deductible. In fact, if you rent anybody's plane, be sure to consider having renter's insurance to cover you. None of this is needed if you are just flying LFC planes.

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