The following are instructors who have expressed an interest in instructing for the Lexington Flying Club. This is not an endorsement for any CFI by the Lexington Flying Club. When you decide to use a flight instructor, the CFI must receive prior approval from the LFC before instructing in the club airplanes.

First Name Last Name CFII MEI ASEL ASES Email Available
Pat Brookins anytime by appointment Details
Don DiLoreto Checkouts and BFR's and IPC's by appointment Details
Kevin Garrison By appointment Details
Robert Hiles anytime by appointment Details
Kevin Moberly Anytime by appointment. Mornings, afternoons, weekends best Details
John Olsen Anytime by appointment. Saturday, Sunday, Monday best Details
Michael Riensche by appointment Details
Nexgen Staff NOT AVAILABLE for ongoing priviate or instrument lessons; Checkouts; BFR's, IPC's only Details
Danny Stockdale Anytime by Appointment Details
Hayden Young anytime by appointment Details
Jeffrey Zotter by appointment Details